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Public transport app for Android & Windows Phone

  • Good looking, easy to use app for Helsinki, Joensuu, Jyväskylä, Kuopio, Lahti, Tampere, Turku, and Oulu region public transport.

  • Stop timetables, bus lines, route planning, traffic exceptions etc.

  • Real time bus data, live buses on map.

  • Nysse won 1st prize in Apps4Pirkanmaa 2013 Open data competition app series.

  • Nysse won 2st prize in Apps4Mobility 2014 Open data competition.

  • Website: nysse.mobi

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Tampere and Oulu parking facilities app for Windows Phone

  • Browse nearby parking facilities in Tampere and in Oulu, and see their free space status.

  • You can also easily navigate to selected parking facility.

  • Available in GitHub github.com/hannta/Parkkis

Parkkis - Windows Phone Store
WP8.1 C# parking open data
Oiva hymiö logo

Oiva Hymiö

Restaurants food safety reports for Windows Phone

  • Check food safety reports and ratings from Finnish restaurants, cafes and shops.

  • Application uses Evira Oiva report database.

  • Easy and straight forward to use, smiley face tells the report grade.

Oiva hymiö - Windows Phone Store
WP8 C# food
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Helsinki snowplows for Windows Phone

  • Snowplow locations and routes in Helsinki area.

  • Displays snowplow's last recorded position and task.

  • In route line, darker means more recent data.

Lumiaura - Windows Phone Store
WP8 C# open data snowplow
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Car fuel log, costs and mileage tracking portal

  • Track your car fill-ups, costs and fuel economy.

  • Check how much you use money to your car per month / year etc.

  • Import/export data to excel

  • Lightweight mobile site for adding fill-ups.

  • Website: http://autoni.net

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